Sleep Apnea Degrades The Quality Of Your Sleep and Your Life

“We Have A Solution That Treats Your Sleep Apnea Without The CPAP”

There is an FDA approved non-surgical device that can treat your sleep apnea.  It’s called “Oral Appliance Therapy” and it’s custom made for you and doesn’t require hoses or electricity.  It makes no noise and you can travel with it easily.


You Can Have A Restful Nights Sleep Unmasked

Don’t Let Your Sleep Apnea Go Untreated.  We Can Help And We Are Just A Phone Call Away

Dr. Marvin Berlin

Dr. Marvin Berlin
Helping You Sleep Better

Helping Sleep Apnea Victims To Sleep Again

“I can help YOU stop snoring, treat your sleep apnea and get your life back.  I have been helping people just like you get a more restful, healthy and quite sleep now for years.

Sleep apnea and snoring is caused when there is an obstruction of the airway while you sleep.  This causes the fluttering sound you hear when someone snores. It is important to open the airway so you can get more oxygen and your body can rejuvenate itself.

This is done with a custom fit device that fits comfortably in your mouth that advances your jaw forward slightly and keeps your airway open, stopping the fluttering and thus the snoring.”

Common Questions About Oral Appliance Therapy

Is Oral Appliance Therapy Effective?

The simple answer is “YES.”  There have been many studies that have shown that Oral Appliance Therapy works very well and we have many patients who can testify to the fact.  It has been cleared by the FDA and is a wonderful alternative to the CPAP and surgery.  There are no hoses or mask to content with either.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Snoring?

Snoring can lead to several different health problems and some cases it has lead to death.  That is why snoring and sleep apnea should never be ignored.  It can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and stroke.  The emotional effects can be harmful also as it leads to anxiety, stress, resentment, anger and much more.  If you have these symptoms, contact us right away.

Does My Insurance Cover The Device?

Oral appliances are covered by Medicare and many other health insurance plans as a medical device.  Our office will work with you on your coverage and answer any questions you may have.  Our mission is to help you get your snoring and sleep apnea treated.

Why Do You Recommend Oral Appliance Therapy?

Many people have untreated sleep apnea simply because they cannot wear the CPAP and they are unaware there is an alternative that can help them.  Our mission is to make people aware of the dangers of sleep apnea and offer them this really simple solution for treating it.

Q:  Why Do I Snore

Answer:  Snoring occurs when the soft tissue in the throat falls back into the airway.  When the air tries to pass this soft tissue, you get the fluttering sound you hear when someone snores.  There are several factors that can make this more severe so if you snore, you need to be checked out.

Q:  Is It Possible To Stop Snoring

Answer:  It is possible to stop your snoring.  We do it with a custom fitted oral appliance that fits comfortably in your mouth.  This device advances your jaw slightly forward opening the airway providing you with more oxygen to your body and better nights sleep.

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