Common Questions

Are sleep apnea and snoring the same?
No. While people who snore might have sleep apnea, snoring is not synonymous with sleep apnea. Snoring is the sound created by oral tissues vibrating as air passes over them. With sleep apnea, the airway becomes completely blocked many times throughout a sleep session.

What is a CPAP?
CPAP stands for continuous positive air pressure. This machine provides effective treatment for sleep apnea patients who can tolerate it. More than half of people who’ve used CPAP cannot put up with the restriction of lying on their back all night or the noise that the machine emits.

What is a sleep study?
During a sleep study, breathing is measured and the data recorded. A doctor or sleep dentist, like Dr. Berlin, can assess the data and determine whether a person has sleep apnea. With Dr. Berlin, patients have the option to use the Ares home sleep study kit instead of staying overnight at a sleep lab.

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How does SomnoMed work?
SomnoMed is a comfortable oral appliance that holds the lower jaw in proper position throughout a sleep session. This eliminates the potential for jaw position to cause tissues to constrict the air passage.

Does SomnoMed work on everyone?
No. Some patients need surgery to remove oversized structures, like adenoids, tonsils, or excess tissue in the mouth. Reconstruction of the jaw may be recommended to create a larger upper airway. If CPAP and SomnoMed don’t eliminate your OSA, Dr. Berlin will recommend you visit a sleep doctor for more extensive tests.

How fast will I notice improvement?
Some patients notice improvement immediately. The speed at which symptoms subside will depend upon the symptom – snoring will stop before daytime drowsiness completely subsides, for instance. Once you’ve had solid, sound sleep for a few weeks or months, you’ll find that fatigue, irritability, forgetfulness, and other symptoms associated with lack of sleep will be relieved.

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