Dr. Berlin

Meet Dr. Marvin Berlin

Dr. Berlin, McKinney DentistDr. Berlin chose dentistry as a career because he has a innate need to help people. Modern medical technology and developments now allows dentists to also help people with sleep apnea. Dr. Berlin understands your frustration and desire to live a higher quality life. He wants to help you. His number-one priority will be getting you a good night’s sleep.

With advanced coursework in sleep apnea therapy, Dr. Berlin has comprehensive knowledge of the reasons behind obstructive sleep apnea. He employs the Ares home sleep study kit and SomnoMed sleep guard to diagnose and treat OSA. Patients who have tried CPAP with limited or no results may find significant relief with a SomnoMed appliance.

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If you are a candidate for this FDA-approved sleep apnea treatment, Dr. Berlin can provide a custom treatment to help you sleep soundly. In his McKinney dental office, Dr. Berlin and his team help people just like you by offering effective treament for sleep apnea and snoring patients – so you can enjoy life again.