How is OSA Treated?

Insert the pictures of the airway opens while wearing the appliance.

Obstructive sleep apnea can be treated with a CPAP or oral sleep guard. CPAP is a machine that sends continuous, positive air pressure into the body while a person sleeps. The air pressure keeps breathing steady throughout a sleep session. While CPAP is the gold standard for treatment, some people cannot tolerate the machine’s sound or restricting facemask and tube. Others find that the mask does not fit properly, so results are limited or nonexistent. An estimated 55% of people who have used CPAP are intolerant to it.

If you want an alternative to CPAP, a sleep guard may be the most effective, and certainly the least invasive, option. SomnoMed makes sleep guards that gently and comfortably fit into the mouth and keep the lower jaw from retracting during sleep.

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